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If you are a car salesmen or sales manager you have come to the right place. With a little bit of effort LeadLocate will help you generate more leads and close more deals this month.

All-in-One Lead Generation Platform

Our software helps car dealerships across the country generate quality car sales leads for salesmen.

Local Sales Leads

Local Sales Leads

All leads are generated from your local target market and are guaranteed to be fresh.

Sales Insight

Sales Insight

Track all of your activities in one simple report with easy to understand metrics and statistics.

Smart Prospecting

Smart Prospecting

Our system allows you to reach thousands of people with your offer in a matter of minutes.

Unlimited 24/7

Unlimited 24/7

Leads are posted to your account every 15 minutes, so you always have fresh opportunities.

Immediate Results

Immediate Results

You will see results immediately as clients start to TEXT, email, and call back almost instantly.

Scalable with Growth

Scalable with Growth

You can add sales people, lead sources, bulk credits, and other elements as your sales grow an you see results.

SMS + Email + Voicemail

SMS + Email + Voicemail

We integrate all the tools within the application so you never need to leave a single screen.

Save Time & Money

Save Time & Money

Timing is everything in sales, LeadLocate will help you save time and reach more prospects sooner.


What are some of the lead generation ideas for a car sales professionals? How can I get maximum returns from my car sales business? How can I get customers who will pay top dollar for my used and new cars? These and many others are some of the questions many car sales professionals have been asking since the begging of this year. If you are looking for car sales leads for salesmen this page is for you, we have compiled some of the best lead generation ideas you can start using today and immediately see you sales improve.

#1 Video Marketing - Video marketing is not for brand awareness alone. If you are producing top-of-funnel videos to boost your brand awareness, you should also include measurable ways to tie your content to Return on Investments. Fortunately, you can use videos to capture more information from your prospects whenever they are most engaged by encouraging them to text you for more information for example.

Go to YouTube or any other online video streaming site and upload quality videos that target your potential customers. For every video you create and post online, make sure you write up a good title and description. Tiles and descriptions are analyzed by google and if found to be unique and valuable, will rank in your local search results.

#2 Create A High-Quality Personal Brochure - It is no secret that car sales professionals who create high-quality personal brochure close more deals and get most referrals. While some car sales people have business cards, not every prospect will find that business card impressive or memorable. On the other hand if you present a well-designed brochure that talks about you and the dealership, most clients will appreciate extra information.

Just keep in mind that brochures may not bring you instant noticeable success. But for sure they will guarantee you improved trust and credibility, as well as an enhanced relationship with your prospects. Remember, car purchase is the 2nd most valuable and important transaction to most of the population after real estate.

#3 Create Compelling Email Campaigns - Creating compelling email campaigns will also help generate car sales leads for salesmen. You should first start by creating a high-quality email list from your contacts in CRM or other marketing database. Then systematically send bulk and automated emails talking about Auto Shopping Moments and offer your profession advice.

Your emails should not always be “I want to sell you a car! Are you ready to buy?” If you are transparent in providing valuable information that will help your customers make a right decision they will buy and buy quickly. Use bulk emails to deliver quality content that sets you apart from all the other dealerships spamming the inbox with Buy-Now emails.

#4 Customer Reviews and Testimonials - Getting positive customer reviews is another proven way to generate more leads for yourself. Of course, it’s hard to get all positive reviews, but you should aim to have a good percentage of positive reviews spread across several reviews sites. In fact, your focus should be on search engines such as Google, because in search engines are where many potential customers are researching for the best deals.

A lot of customers will “google” your name before they come in or when they are doing research after they leave the store. So any positive reviews that popup mentioning you will only furthermore establish your credibility and assure the client that they are not making a mistake by buying from you.

#5 Social Media - Last but not least, is getting car sales leads for salesmen through social media marketing. This involves using sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to generate real leads that convert into sales. As social media evolves and more people feel comfortable with sharing their lives publicly you have unlimited opportunity to generate car sales leads from social media. Pick 3 of your favorite social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; then make sure you post at least once a day on each one.

You can post your personal reviews of vehicles on your lot, talk about your brand or favorite brands, and answer FAQs. After couple of weeks you will see how you engagement level will increase and after few moths you’ll become a local car sales celebrity. Yes, this is not exaggeration, if you are posting original quality content you will dominate your local car market.




LeadLocate was built on the idea of optimized prospecting and communication, so every tool within the software is designed to provide you with best marketing results possible. You will be amazed how much LeadLocate will affect your sales lead engagement and conversion.


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Everyday thousands of people are going online trying to sell their car. Why not convert that for sale by owner lead into a new car sale and take in a high gross trade-in? Our system will empower you to sell more cars with minimal effort to local clients who are trying to sell their car online themselves.


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Why do most sales people hate using CRM? Because you can spend days sending emails and following up with people and have nothing to show for your efforts. LeadLocate is NOT a CRM. Our software integrates all of the most powerful prospecting tools in one easy to use web application. With LeadLocate you can do days’ worth of follow up in 1 hour.

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Manage all of your leads and contacts with LeadLocate even if the lead was captured by using other marketing efforts. Easily export phone numbers from your CRM and send thousands of emails, SMS messages, or ringless voicemails in minutes. It has never been easier to generate sales leads for car salesmen than with LeadLocate.

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Schedule personalized future follow-ups that will be delivered to a client on specific day and time. Remember that person who said they plan to buy a car is 6 months? With LeadLocate you can schedule personalized SMS, Email, and Ringless Voicemail to go out on a specific date and time so you never forget to follow-up with anyone.

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