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Quality sales leads are essential for every big ticket business to initiate customer interest and land sales, but this can be difficult in today’s highly competitive market. Finding new leads for your business doesn't have to be a challenge! LeadLocate provides an excellent solution to help you generate quality leads at a fraction of traditional cost. It delivers fresh leads to you, allowing you to focus on more important tasks, like selling.

LeadLocate is web-based lead generation software designed specifically to help drive quality leads to niche businesses. Our innovative feed tool generates leads by targeting customers who are currently looking for your particular product or service. By searching through local classified advertising an media websites like Google, Twitter, Instagram, Backpage and eBay, LeadLocate utilizes specific keywords to find potential customers. Once your sales staff has these in-market customer leads, they can use LeadLocate to contact potential clients with a phone call, SMS/text message or email all without leaving your web browser.


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LeadLocate is extremely simple to use and easy to set up. One of our account managers will demo how the software works as well as set up your account. In addition, we will set up required user accounts and specific lead generating feeds so you can start using LeadLocate in less than four hours.

LeadLocate has successfully helped many types of businesses with quality lead generation. For instance, car dealerships use LeadLocate to find local cars sale leads for trades or clients looking for a new or used vehicle. Jewelry businesses utilize LeadLocate to find customers looking to sell or purchase gold. Real estate agents find additional listings and buyers through our software. (The list goes on…) If you are ready to grow your business, LeadLocate is the answer to your lead generation problems.



Web Calling

Call your leads right from your web browser. No need to have a separate softphone application or a standalone phone.

Web Texting

You can send text messages to your contacts with just few clicks. Over 80% of text messages are read so it’s a powerful feature.

Integrated Email

You get a unique email address and SMART email gateway to assure delivery of your emails to prospects without being filtered out.

Bulk SMS Marketing

Want to send a SMS blast to 10,000 people? No problem. Our bulk SMS feature allows you to send your message to multiple recipients at once.

Preset Templates

Tiered or retyping same messages? Our template system that allows you to store templates so that you can quickly send communications.

User Management

Easily manage LeadLocate users all in one place. We make it easy for your team to collaborate on generating most sales possible from LeadLocate.

Contact Manager

You can manually add contact that did not come in through LeadLocate RSS. This can supercharge your traditional CRM communications.

Appointment Calendar

Our simple appointment calendar allows you to stay on track with all the follow-ups and appointments that you make through LeadLocate.

Awesome Support

We are here for you. Our system is designed to be very simple to use and understand but if you ever have any questions we will assist you immediately.


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Here is how it works...

We designed LeadLocate with simplicity in mind. After an initial demonstration of how the software works, your account manager will create your company account. We will assign a local phone number using a local area code for your business, and then set up the required user accounts.

Once your user accounts are in place, we'll set up all lead sources that will use keywords to target your preferred industries and locations. (Ex: Gold Earrings for sale in Los Angeles, 2013 Ford Focus for sale in Seattle, and so on…) As soon as we complete this step, you should see leads starting to come in. Your lead generation specialist will also work with you to write email templates and preconfigured texts you can use to respond quickly to incoming SMS messages and emails.

As your leads arrive, they will be distributed to your sales staff algorithmically. Your sales people will then be able to email, call or text each new prospect using web browser to pitch your product or service. When clients reply, their responses will be organized in your account interface. Built-in calendar will help you manage your sales opportunities by scheduling appointments.

Additional value-added features include a call logger, a contact manager, a bulk SMS feature and more. You will also have unlimited access to training and support from our lead generation specialists. If you have questions at any time, we are always here to help. We can even schedule a one on one meeting if you prefer face to face training sessions. With LeadLocate, there is no commitment and no contract. You can cancel the service at any time.

Ready to get started? With LeadLocate, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Why not start growing your business right now? Give us a call and we'll set up your free demo.

What Results Can You Expect

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Car dealerships receive 100+ leads a day on average from LeadLocate. There is no limit on how many leads you receive and we do not change per-sale. Plus there is no long term commitment, our service is month to month.

How about 100+ fresh leads a day, Don't wait contact us to learn more
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Our softphone and Text/SMS client will allow you or you sales staff to contact leads quickly and effectively even on the go. Just login into your LeadLocate account on any computer with web access and you are all set.

Easily make calls and send SMS from web browser, We are waiting for your call
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No need to jump from one application another. LeadLocate has all the features you need integrated into one easy to use platform. So you don’t have to go back and forth between multiple applications.

Manage your contacts in one place, Give us a try we won't disappoint
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At the end of the day all that matters is increasing your sales. And we get that! We are always available to answer question, provide training, and tweak lead sources to make sure you are successful in generating more sales through LeadLocate.

More leads equals more sales, call or email us now for a free demo

Car Sales Leads for Your Internet Department

Finding new leads for your internet sales team doesn't have to be a challenge! Our service delivers fresh leads to you, allowing you to focus on more important tasks, like selling.

You're probably aware of just how important classified sites like Craigslist, BackPage and eBay are for your automotive lead generation efforts. What you may not know, though, is a tactic we use that takes advantages of these listing sites to find your new prospects.

Each day you'll get brand new leads of people who are trying to sell their car using a well-known car listing websites. Once you have the lead, you can contact the prospect and offer them to trade in their vehicle for a new one instead. Jumping on these fresh leads is a simple yet effective technique. Car sales people had been doing this for years, contacting car owners one by one trying to solicit business. Now your dealership can use a powerful platform to help your sales team generate even more leads. Why settle for stale leads, when high-quality sales leads become available on daily basis in your community?

You can now generate leads through SMS Texting, Ringless Voicemail, Bulk Email, and so more. With LeadLocate you can capture sales directly from your lot with keyword SMS and Email subscription feature. Our ringless voicemail leads allow you to send bulk voicemails to clients within minutes, then sit back and enjoy continues stream of returning calls. You can now monitor and track every sale and appointment that got generated through our app with call recording and advanced reporting. This software will be the best marketing investment you ever made. You can watch a pre-recorded video demo here to see it in action.

Imagine automatic car sales lead generation that is highly targeted and comes with a fantastic closing ratio. We offer the best in technology, coupled with unparalleled customer support. Our system integrates SMS texting, email, and softphone capabilities all using one powerful web based software. You don't have to learn a number of different systems or visit a broad range of apps or websites to deal with the prospecting. It's all done in one place and is incredibly easy to use and understand.

If you love instant gratification, you'll love our service. Each time we cultivate a new lead, we send it directly to your account inbox so you can take immediate action. Your sales staff will enjoy having a steady stream of leads to contact. Not only that, the fact that the leads are so fresh makes them much easier to close. We promise you will never here “we don’t have enough leads” ever again from your internet sales team.

Start with Classified Automotive Leads

Boat and Marine Leads

If you are looking for boats or any other niche products you are most likely searching all over United States. We can set up multiple geographic locations, multiple search triggers, and multiple feeds so that you have leads coming in locally and nationwide. If you rely primary on out of state leads we can integrate an eight hundred number with texting capabilities so you can be more transparent.

Start with Boat Sales Leads

SMS Marketing Made Easy - Texting Problems Solved

With the tap of a button, consumers can acquire virtually anything from the comfort of their rooms without having to pay an actual visit or conduct an extensive research. However, more often than not, some highly priced commodities such as automobiles require extensive research and actual visits to the lot before making decisions. Instead of trusting billboards and sleazy radio sales pitches, prospective car-owners now base their decisions primarily on digital content such as videos, online reviews, manufacture information pages, and consumer report sites. This creates a complex marketing landscape for auto dealers to leverage and win more sales.

In order to make a choice, your average customer consults a wide variety of resources mostly on Google, YouTube, manufacturer’s websites, dealer websites and review websites; these searches continue taking over conventional enquiries. To win sales, it is crucial for car dealers to ensure a robust digital presence to provide answers to probing questions such as: Which car is best? Where should I buy it? Is it right for me? Can I afford it? Am I getting a deal? These questions form the five key micro-moments of all car buyers and it is important for dealerships to quickly deliver accurate information to the client at just the right time.

Most dealers now have a suite of web lead generation tools all integrated into their OEM website. Features such as Web Chat, Web Forms, Get e-Price Quotes and so on are now generic to shoppers who are looking to get answers to their car buying questions. Email has been a cornerstone for most internet sales people, but now with low open rates and time restraints automotive industry needs a better way to deliver content to their clients. The answer lies in mobile instant delivery. This is nothing new. SMS text massaging has existed for years and is widely used by everyone. Sales people use it, doctors use it, fitness instructors use it, your best friend uses it, and so do you.

Most car dealers promote SMS text message utilization by their sales staff. But do you know what your sales staff is texting? Are they answering questions in timely manner? Do they disqualify qualified prospects by assuming that they are tire kickers? You will never know. LeadLocate solves this issue. Today’s consumers want information on demand and if you hit every point: [Which car is best? Where should I buy it? Is it right for me? Can I afford it? Am I getting a deal?] in SMS message you are sure to set your dealership apart from the rest.

We have a robust SMS marketing platform integrated into our system that allows users to interact with sales leads via SMS text messages just as easily as email. We understand how important it is for sales managers and owners to see a full snapshot of all communications, with LeadLocate you can now see your entire dealership’s SMS activity, and if need be, you can jump on SMS conversation to save the deal. How many sales opportunities have you lost this month because a sales person dropped the ball relaying information to a client? Fix your SMS communication issue once and for all, contact us to learn more.

Start with Classified Automotive Leads

Real Estate Leads

You can never have too many leads. LeadLocate is designed to feed your account with fresh leads for your desired geographic area targeting specific keywords that you set. With easy built-in contact manger you can manage all of your contacts and market to new leads in just a few click. Our real estate client’s love how convenient and easy it is to find and interact with prospects.

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